Maranacook Family Health Care is Moving!

Greetings, as we send you this e-mail we hope that you are finding opportunities to embrace winter and staying safe and healthy!

We are excited to share with you that Maranacook Family Health Care will soon have a new home. We will be moving to 169 South Road, in Readfield. Only our location will change, our mailing address, phone numbers and fax numbers will all remain the same. We will begin to see patients in our new office February 13th.

We have out grown our current space. It has been a great location to get our practice started, but our new space will offer us new flexibility and opportunities. Maranacook Family Health Care has been in place for almost a year and a half. We have learned so much about delivering good healthcare in this type of model. We feel honored as you have grown with us and trusted us as your physicians. Some of our initial ideas have been fine tuned, others discarded and yet others embraced. We have really enjoyed getting to know those of you that are new to us, and appreciate those that came with us from other practices. We can’t underestimate how important it has been to partner with you when it comes to your healthcare.

One particular area we hope to improve on is communicating to our patients as a group. We have under utilized the web site for information. Our goal is to have this also be a beginning of a trend to send more e-mails and offer more information so that we can be more efficient and streamline some of our care. We have also not lost sight of online appointment making, but again have not taken time to develop that yet.

As always, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail us. Please visit our web site for directions,


Lisa Clarcq, DO and Jennifer McConnell, MD

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October 2010 Practice Update


We are excited to be sending you this email. It is mid October and we are in full swing getting Maranacook Family Health Care up and running. We decided to send another email to all that have joined our email list to get you all up to date at once. After this we will use the web site blog for up dates.

Here is where we are at:

We are officially opening next Monday, October 18th. We will have medical malpractice insurance and be in the building. Most of our equipment will be there, but not everything. Sticking to our philosophy of keeping the overhead low, we are getting some things second hand and need to wait a bit for a few things.Soon we will have what is called a patient portal so that you can make your own appointments. Until then, email, or calling is the best way to get an appointment with us.

The web site is up and running, it is no longer a splash page. If you haven’t had a chance, check it out at Right now it is still more informational about the workings of the practice, eventually our goal is to use it more as a tool to promote healthy living.

Enrolling has been a little tricky for some. You still need to sign up to be on our mailing list for the practice first. We then have to confirm you and that is when you can enroll as an actual patient. If you are getting this email, you are there. If you know someone struggling with this process they can email us directly if need be.

Lots of questions about how to transfer medical records. Many of you are coming from the Maine General system and we are still working on that. Right now your records have to be printed on paper and then we have to scan in…crazy! So we are working on a different plan. We will have you sign a release when we see you to access your records, and then we will decide how to get important information in to your electronic health record with us.

Lastly, lots of insurance questions. Our plan is take almost all insurances, including medicare, medicaid, the state insurance plans, etc. The issue is that every provider has to be individually credentialed by each company ( I will save commentary on this insurance process for a blog at some point). So we are in the waiting phase. We anticipate each insurance coming on board over the next several weeks. It is just a matter of time.

In the meantime, if we are not yet credentialed for your insurance, we do have several options for you. You can see your old practice (including Winthrop Family Medicine) since we have not seen you yet. You can see us and pay cash, we will have the fees set next week. Or you can see us, pay cash and then submit your paperwork to you insurance company to be reimbursed.

So, once again, welcome. We are very excited that you are choosing to partner with us. It is a crazy time, but exciting. We hope that this will answer a lot of your questions. Stay tuned, we will start using the web site blog and lastest news sections for further updates. But we are happy to get your emails and always welcome feedback on how things can work better to neet your needs.

Enjoy the fall! Jenn and Lisa

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Welcome to our Healthy Living Blog

Dear Patients and Friends,

We are excited to be starting this new adventure, and we can’t wait to share our wisdom, that of our health partners, and that of our patients as we strive to live healthier lives. Please check back here for tips on everything from what to eat to where to ride a bike.

Lisa and Jenn

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